The CRT Method In-Home Deluxe

The CRT Method In-Home Deluxe


The CRT Method™, is an all-inclusive workout method that allows the user to obtain the benefits of cardiovascular training and resistance training within ONE workout. People from all walks of life and fitness levels benefit from the brilliance of the CRT Method™. Combining cardio and resistance training while meeting users where they are, the apparatus offers self-directed resistance that is simply adjusted by varying the user’s distance from the anchor point. This isn't "just another workout", it's a METHOD! One that truly appeals to all ages, fitness levels, and's for every BODY!

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Your purchase includes:

  • 1 CRT workout device 

  • 1 CRT door unit 

  • 1 CRT Ceiling Anchor

  • 1 CRT carrying case

  • 30 minute online workouts (3)